Born in Scotland, making a living in Germany; I’m a seasoned software developer, avid gamer, passionate football fan & frequent tea drinker.

Hello world , I’m Darren, a backend software engineer with over a decade of experience working in startups.

After leaving Dundee University with my computer science degree, I dived straight into work, and I’ve loved almost every moment of it. Throughout my career, I’ve largely worked on new, often exciting projects, and I’ve been involved in every stage of the process from requirements gathering to delivery. This often involved working with a small team, building everything from scratch, and having regular communucation with the client.

In 2019, I had the opportunity to challenge myself in more ways than one. A new job, in a new country, in a new environment, with a team significantly larger than any team I’d ever worked with before. Despite cold feet, I made the plunge, and relocated to Berlin with my wife.

Likes and interests

  • 💻 Programming: A hobby before a career. I still enjoy building things, and hacking around with new technology
  • 🎮 Gaming: Lifetime gamer, most prominently League of Legends
  • ⚽ Football: Long time follower of Dundee, Liverpool, and most recently FC Union Berlin
  • 📖 Languages: Enjoy studying languages, including German and most recently Scottish Gaelic
  • 🎱 Pool: Favourite pub game, and also enjoy watching the professionals